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when you try to flick away a bug but it comes towards you instead




We freed them…but at what cost?

that ball wasn’t there to trap them

it was to protect us


Your character falls into the “friend zone” - Is this primarily a man’s problem, or are women put in the friend zone as well? x

Team Purgatory

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i wonder if ill be blogging as an old person in a nursing home on my iphone 4000

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dean + tumblr text posts


puppy is understandably confused about everything in life


in math today my teacher asked what makes a number perfect and I said its dazzling personality and she almost kicked me out


*sells possessions for concert tickets*
*sells house for concert tickets*
*sells dog for concert tickets*

*rethinks selling dog and buys dog back*


one day i’m going to rule the world, but until then you’ll find me in my bedroom pretending that I don’t exist

"There is one scene in the book where Gus goes to a gas station, and he tries to buy a pack of cigarettes because it’s the only way he can assert his own independence after becoming very sick. He [Ansel] did that scene so much justice, and he brought his all. It was midnight when we filmed it, and he just sat there and lost it for hours. I was just sort of in awe." - Shailene Woodley

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Dean’s text posts: part I

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